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Different Styles of Hand-painted Home Oil Painting

I. Hand-painted Extra Large Contemporary Wall Art performance in living room

The living room is the primary sporting occasion in the home. The living room murals should be stable and atmospheric. Classical decoration is dominated by scenery, characters and flowers. Modern refined decoration can choose modern theme scenery, characters, flowers or Large Abstract Canvas Art. According to the special preferences of the owner, you can also choose some Oversized Canvas Art with extraordinary themes, such as pet-loving partners can do some animal-themed murals; sports-loving partners can do some activity-themed murals; and literature-loving partners can do some murals with calligraphy, music and dance-related themes.

2. Performance of Hand-painted Wall in Bedroom

Bedroom is a hotbed of good dreams and fantasies, and a catalyst for grafting reality and dreams. As a mural in the bedroom, of course, it needs to show the consistency of "lying" mood and aesthetic feeling. Through the mu…

Le corbusier: -large abstract wall art

large abstract wall art-It is often said that art and artists are inseparable.
Le Corbusier (1887-1965) may be seen as a combination of artist and architect.
The national museum of Oslo, Extra Large Wall Art Norway, is currently hosting two exhibitions about Le Corbusier. "Corbusier by
the sea" and "Corbusier -- prints" focus on Corbusier's paintings, compared with his famous architectural achievements.LARGE ACRYLIC PAINTING CONTEMPORARY ART 
Inspired by nature, Large Abstract Art Cheap corbusier ended up framing memories and feelings in abstract form on the canvas of his Paris studio.

In fact, corbusier's paintings are an important way to understand his architectural ideas.Extra Large Modern Wall Art The curvilinear shapes in those abstract paintings also exist in his buildings.
As one of the most controversial architects, corbusier is often described as a ruthless control freak.
His more romantic and humorous nature is on display at the national gallery o…

George morandi-large abstract wall art online

large abstract wall art online-Giorgio Morandi, born in bologna, Italy,Great Big Canvas  was an Italian printmaker and oil painter.
Morandi's paintings create their own artistic images with wisdom and feeling.
He abandoned the metaphysical sphere, the polyhedron, as long as a few daily supplies have been satisfied.
He simply put the cups, plates and bottles of life into extremely simple sketches to create the strangest, most concise, most harmonious atmosphere.
In morandi creation in the 1960 s,Black And White Painting ome pictures on the visible to the image of the thing itself, while hiding things are some changes of arc, the fuzzy image of stains, water it, but there are certain things behind, such as buildings, furniture, or vessel, it is something brought known to exist on the surface of the displacement, the displacement is caused by who?
From the drawings by morandi, it seems difficult to see the shadow of the disaster, and it feels as if time has caused the change.

Alternative visual art -- abstract art-large abstract wall art online

large abstract wall art online
Since the 20th century, the definition of abstract art has been used as the opposite of realistic style.
Concrete, abstract and narrative content has been identified in the development of western abstract expression.
The use of composite materials has opened the limitations of formal expression and demonstrated its rich vocabulary.
Following the architecture explored by kandinsky and mondrian in visual aesthetics, the implication of the word "abstract" in visual art is still being interpreted by artists in the history of art, and the implication is extended to various aspects such as sociology and art history, making the possibility of the presentation of abstract themes more extensive.

"Learning" and "experience" lead people's values to the crisis of homogenization,Great Big Canvas  so that individuals lose the tendency of independent personality, and can not interpret the real phenomenon of things, moving and thinking.

Frameless picture

with frameless expression form, make conventional monochrome adornment picture displays fashionable, contemporary, unfettered person character, suit contracted beautify a style, especially the style of contemporary style, allow large abstract wall art be complete of vigor within the space.

Can use the type that sets to pull many spell, it is usually the tide of recent add on.
Reduced picture frame price, more economical.
More conducive to the creation associated with oil painting, break the limitations of traditional presented painting.
It's very well-known with people.
Mediterranean decorative painting
The adornment impact of the house is usually nowadays a lot of people take more seriously, this also makes the lot of adornment intercourse is stronger article start to sell.
Mediterranean ornamental painting is a type of article that numerous people like to make use of nowadays, can have great adornment effectMediterranean ornamental painting - iman chi
Shanghai imengqi HOME fabri…

Live a quiet life

Living in a noisy city, we prefer our home to be like an isolated island, free from the noise of the summer cicadas, the noise of the high and low outside doors, and the squeak of the door when we sleep late.

Some is the quiet that comfortable household space brings only and enjoy.
Decorate when the bold anti - noise
Wall plus sound-proof cotton, door seal, Windows must be double layer with thick cotton curtain, a floor, drainage pipe also with sound-proof cotton wrapped up...
In short, blocking all sources of noise is possible.Those sounds from the Windows, outside the door, even sleep is not good days, from the beginning of renovation will be interrupted!

The household environment that looks cold and cheerless does not have what pyrotechnics gas, formed bright contrast with the city of bustling and lively outside the window however, right now, indoor contracted with quiet it is the good

environment that relaxes the mood.
Simple yet elegant, massive geometric design,
A quiet and comf…

Large Abstract Wall Art For School

No doorways, no problem. For little hands,Large Abstract Wall Art open-front cubbies make mornings a breeze. Children will find their boots, back packs and books without any help. Plus, with a custom coat of a favorite paint, your little guy or gal will start everyday on a colourful note.

Personalized property. At school, kids remember their locker numbers, but at home, customization is limitless. This tall set of vintage lockers transforms into a floral work of art with felt comes and flowers handmade by Jen Talbot of Jen Talbot Design.

These lockers lead into a wood land playroom that features a life-size tree and swing. “It was the client’s idea to add the flowers to the front side of the locker and onto the wall, ” Talbot says.Well hidden. These types of tall painted cabinets quickly conceal any after-school interferes. Each locker is sixteen inches deep and twenty six inches wide, and appears 5? feet above the bench. “The lockers assist the mudroom, therefore the solid doors hel…

What Are The Precautions In The Design Of Living Room?

What are the precautions in the design of living room decorations?
The living room is a special area of the family. It is an activity area of the family, including rest and visitors. Therefore, the design of the living room decoration is also very crucial in the entire family decoration. It is not only necessary to ensure the beauty of the space decoration. Also need to coordinate various functions play, today's Wuhan decoration small editor to introduce the living room decoration design attention,let's take a look.

Reasonable space division
The living room is responsible for many functions of home life, including the visitor area, dining area, and audio-visual area. Before the decoration design, it is necessary to plan the space reasonably. The general visitor area should be on the outside side, and the dining area should be close to the kitchen, the learning area and the audio-visual area should be placed on one side. Then in accordance with personal preferences and the func…

Apply the Decorative Paintings Large Abstract Wall Art to the Household to Add Luster

Hanging some decorative paintings inside the household  not only can play the role of decoration,but also creat warm atmosphere of daily life .

1. Selection to different spaces  of decoration paintings
Home decorative painting is mainly made up with classical oil painting, abstract art, printing and photographic works.Matching  with different forms of decorative paintings in different function region of household will feast for the eyes .

1.Living room
Generally,The wall against the sofa is opposite with TV wall, which will decoratived with one to three decorative paintings. Owing to sofa as the leading role inside the sitting room normally, choosing decorative paintings for the living room will focus on the sofa. Neuter color and light color sofa is suitable with the decorative paintings that is warm while colorful sofa like red is likely to match with decorative paintings  with middle tones or the same color. Such decorative paintings as has the same tones,the common picture of cont…

How To Decorate Your Walls

For modern people, painting is not only hanging in art galleries and museums, but also a very common decoration in home life. With the development of our taste continues, we pay more and more attention to the creation of home environment, and pay more and more requirements to decorative paintings.  It not only has a decorative effect on decorating a white wall, but also has a effect on of creating the corresponding atmosphere according to the different functions of the bedroom space . What’s more, it can reflect the artistic aesthetics of the owner.

Firstly,the living room
The living room is not only the meeting place where the owner meets the guests, but also the main activity place for the family. The decorative paintings of the living room can be selected according to the overall decoration of the house and personal preferences, mainly to create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere, so that the owners and guests have a refreshing feeling and eliminate the fatigue of a day's rus…

Build Walls - Modern Art Decorative Paintings

When facing the empty wall, if you do not know how to decorate the wall, paste wallpaper is afraid of bad maintenance, paint and fear of a long time color do not like. Decorative painting is definitely not a disappointing choice on the selection of wall decoration.

1. Several decorative paintings are arranged on the wall according to the symmetrical layout, which not only has the wind of retro-nostalgia, but also shows the charming of modern art, so that the white and monotonous wall is instantly full of vitality.

2. The decorative paintings of different sizes are arranged together to present the regular shape of the cut-out layout. In the modern residential space, it seems very harmonious and unified.

3. Geometric patterns have a different specail charming, colorful collocation make it more artistic flavor, hand-painted brushwork make it to be simple and elegant.
4. The images of mountains and seas are abstracted in three decorative paintings. Both the colors and compositions are wit…

Abstract Art Paintings Make Your Home More Attractive

Abstract Art painting is a kind of art which is with decorative function and aesthetic appreciation. With the progress and development of science and technology, the carriers and forms of expression of decorative paintings are becoming more and more abundant ,which is greatly improving the pursuit of quality of life and love.The white single wall has been unable to meet the modern people to living space decoration requirements, decorative paintings can add some color to the empty wall.

Abstract Art painting is a special type of art which does not emphasize too much for the high artistry, but pay a lot of attention to the harmony with the environment and beautifying effect. Sometimes hanging an adornment picture on the wall of the house is very effective in showing the artistic sense of space. But this needs a reasonable match, because it not only needs to coordinate with the surrounding environment, with the furniture at home, and the style of decoration should also be integrated.