Apply the Decorative Paintings Large Abstract Wall Art to the Household to Add Luster

Hanging some decorative paintings inside the household  not only can play the role of decoration,but also creat warm atmosphere of daily life .

1. Selection to different spaces  of decoration paintings
Home decorative painting is mainly made up with classical oil painting, abstract art, printing and photographic works.Matching  with different forms of decorative paintings in different function region of household will feast for the eyes .

1.Living room
Generally,The wall against the sofa is opposite with TV wall, which will decoratived with one to three decorative paintings. Owing to sofa as the leading role inside the sitting room normally, choosing decorative paintings for the living room will focus on the sofa. Neuter color and light color sofa is suitable with the decorative paintings that is warm while colorful sofa like red is likely to match with decorative paintings  with middle tones or the same color. Such decorative paintings as has the same tones,the common picture of contents, the same framing pattern will become the first choice for decorativing the living room.In this way can the living room be variegated but not so be chaotic.

2.The bedroom
Bedroom adornment should be mixed with warmth to the person cozy feeling.  The choice of decorative paintings in the bedroom can vary with  the  style of beds. Board type bed is featured with simple lines and wood grain on its surface,large abstract wall art which can be match with the decorative paintings with the sense of volume and modern texture.Whereas,the soft thick bed needs to be match with the thin frame, chilled texture of decorative painting, highlighting the decorative effect by vision contrasts

3. Restaurant
Matching a bright and cheerful picture in the restaurant will make you enjoy your meal.Whether wood dining tables with hard texture or transparent modern glass dining tables matching decorative paintings with appropriate style and color will better off.

4.The bathroom
It is inevitably for us feel harshness and coldness after entering the bathroom with ceramic tile filled. Nowadays more and more families set about hanging decorative paintings in the bathroom,which can soften the hard feeling.The first thing is that decorative painting in the bathroom should be against moisture. You might as well hang the high saturative color of abstract painting or artistic figure painting in the bathroom decorating with dull and plain colors.


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