Build Walls - Modern Art Decorative Paintings

When facing the empty wall, if you do not know how to decorate the wall, paste wallpaper is afraid of bad maintenance, paint and fear of a long time color do not like. Decorative painting is definitely not a disappointing choice on the selection of wall decoration.

1. Several decorative paintings are arranged on the wall according to the symmetrical layout, which not only has the wind of retro-nostalgia, but also shows the charming of modern art, so that the white and monotonous wall is instantly full of vitality.

2. The decorative paintings of different sizes are arranged together to present the regular shape of the cut-out layout. In the modern residential space, it seems very harmonious and unified.

3. Geometric patterns have a different specail charming, colorful collocation make it more artistic flavor, hand-painted brushwork make it to be simple and elegant.
4. The images of mountains and seas are abstracted in three decorative paintings. Both the colors and compositions are with a touch of Nordic flavor, fresh and elegant, which makes it more harmonious to use in Nordic style home.
5. Blue ink as the background, delicate lines outline the delicate apricot blossom, inlaid with metal frame, showing the elegant charms.

Summary: The emergence of decorative paintings, for the modern home decoration increased a strong artistic atmosphere, even the simplest white wall, with the decorative paintings which will immediately become different.


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