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What Are The Precautions In The Design Of Living Room?

What are the precautions in the design of living room decorations?
The living room is a special area of the family. It is an activity area of the family, including rest and visitors. Therefore, the design of the living room decoration is also very crucial in the entire family decoration. It is not only necessary to ensure the beauty of the space decoration. Also need to coordinate various functions play, today's Wuhan decoration small editor to introduce the living room decoration design attention,let's take a look.

Reasonable space division
The living room is responsible for many functions of home life, including the visitor area, dining area, and audio-visual area. Before the decoration design, it is necessary to plan the space reasonably. The general visitor area should be on the outside side, and the dining area should be close to the kitchen, the learning area and the audio-visual area should be placed on one side. Then in accordance with personal preferences and the func…