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large abstract wall art online
Since the 20th century, the definition of abstract art has been used as the opposite of realistic style.
Concrete, abstract and narrative content has been identified in the development of western abstract expression.
The use of composite materials has opened the limitations of formal expression and demonstrated its rich vocabulary.
Following the architecture explored by kandinsky and mondrian in visual aesthetics, the implication of the word "abstract" in visual art is still being interpreted by artists in the history of art, and the implication is extended to various aspects such as sociology and art history, making the possibility of the presentation of abstract themes more extensive.

"Learning" and "experience" lead people's values to the crisis of homogenization,Great Big Canvas  so that individuals lose the tendency of independent personality, and can not interpret the real phenomenon of things, moving and thinking.
The sense of loss in life also arises in the process of people becoming increasingly unable to distinguish themselves.
Painting, to indicate the possibility of communication with the outside world,Big Canvas Art and to remind people to no longer bind their eyes with concepts, tying their viewing Angle and possibility.

Free up the existing framework in your mind.
It is possible to make the subtle sense of being in space, with the fresh scene, through the free atmosphere, across our eyes and into our hearts.
Let illogical or uncustomary sights be the object of eye recognition.
Try to open your eyes, activate your heart, and enliven and enrich your life experience.

Realistic emotional theme often corresponds to clarity, while abstraction often provides the elements corresponding to emotion with color and form.
When the element clue and the vision are not in common, the audience's emotional expression is often difficult to hit the artist's emotional center of gravity.
The painter takes a nearly realistic approach to life scenes, but can jump out of the "inertia" Angle in the idea, with a new observation, scene shooting painting.
On the issue of whether abstract and concrete can coexist in the picture, the painter often makes a preliminary judgment of possibility in the process of observing and choosing subject matter.
This judgment comes from the artist's attempt to restore the "animal" instinct for observing the nature of things.
It is only through the eyes of instinct that we can feel the subtle changes of the material itself,Large Canvas Art or observe the new relations arising from the coexistence of the material,

that we can create a new visual sense.
In the process of creation, the artist makes every effort to discard the skills of practice and the limitations caused by the learning background.
The painter thinks: the scene that exists in life carelessly, do not need to whitewash forgery, or impose symbolic implication, as long as can master the change of light and shadow between the shift, can form the main force of the picture.
A good painting that moves people, besides the stroke of the brush, is actually an abstract feeling that moves us.
That abstract feeling is your own abstract space, and I'm not talking about the third space of the physical world, but your own abstract space.
When looking for the relationship between objects on the flat canvas, it shows the contradictory multi-view relationship.
Every part of the composition of the picture becomes a necessary element, and everywhere implies a tension.
Perhaps this is the artist has the ability to observe objects, which is superior to the ordinary human eyes, and it is also the artist's artistic ability to show the picture tension in the visual limit.
large abstract wall art online
The painter believes that the second and third degrees, or the realistic and abstract ones, are the real scenes co-existing in the real world, not through the transformation and changes of his personal hands, but only for people to capture the often neglected and forgotten parts of life.


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