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large abstract wall art online-Giorgio Morandi, born in bologna, Italy,Great Big Canvas  was an Italian printmaker and oil painter.
Morandi's paintings create their own artistic images with wisdom and feeling.
He abandoned the metaphysical sphere, the polyhedron, as long as a few daily supplies have been satisfied.
He simply put the cups, plates and bottles of life into extremely simple sketches to create the strangest, most concise, most harmonious atmosphere.
In morandi creation in the 1960 s,Black And White Painting ome pictures on the visible to the image of the thing itself, while hiding things are some changes of arc, the fuzzy image of stains, water it, but there are certain things behind, such as buildings, furniture, or vessel, it is something brought known to exist on the surface of the displacement, the displacement is caused by who?
From the drawings by morandi, it seems difficult to see the shadow of the disaster, and it feels as if time has caused the change.
Between cubism and impressionism,Contemporary Painting he found his own unique style of painting in a subtle compromise of form and color.
His art can give people a very gentle spiritual consolation.
Western critics say that morandi's paintings focus on small subjects, reflecting the state of the universe.
George morandi never married and had no record of his love.
Many people were curious about him, because he lived a simple life and was indifferent to fame and wealth.
Since he never left polonna, he considered his works too regional and called him a local painter.LARGE ABSTRACT PAINTING, MODERN WALL DECOR. GREEN, BLUE, YELLOW, BEIGE

He was instead associated with literary critics and writers.
You don't see his work very often. Most of his works are in private collections.
One was the Bella gallery in milan and the other was the morandi gallery in polonna, his hometown.
Morandi's most unusual, and most criticized, theme was limited to a few bottles and the scenery outside polonna.
Why only paint bottles?
In his 1957 interview, morandi noted that "the sense and image evoked by the visible world, the world of the form, is difficult, if not impossible, to describe in terms of definition and vocabulary.
In fact, it is completely different from what is felt in daily life, because the world that is visible is determined by form, color, space and light...
I believe that nothing is more abstract and unreal than the world we see.
Everything we know about the physical world is not what we see or understand.
The quality of matter exists, of course, but it has no meaning whatsoever we attach to it.


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