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What is the method of choosing decorative oil paintings?

1. Choose hand-painted paintings as far as possible. There are imitation paintings with printing and filling in the market, which will oxidize and discolor over a long period of time. Generally, it can be distinguished from the brush strokes of the picture: the picture of hand-painted oil painting has a distinct concave and convex feeling, while the picture of printing is smooth, only partially filled with Modern Canvas Art pigments.

2. Decorative oil paintings should be coordinated with their own decoration style. Simple living room with Large Modern Abstract Art will make the room full of vitality, optional frameless oil paintings. European and classical living rooms choose realistic style oil paintings, such as portraits, landscapes and so on. It's better to add a relief frame to make it look magnificent and elegant.

3. The color and interior wall furniture display echoes, does not appear isolated. If the furniture style is deep and steady, the painting should choose the simple…