What painting wall art is suitable for home

Nowadays, more and more people choose to hang several paintings on the wall when decorating their homes. What painting wall art is suitable for home? Today we are going to talk about the style of home oil painting. Come and see it.

 Abstract Landscape Painting, Contemporary Painting
Abstract Landscape Painting, Contemporary Painting

I. Hand-painted wall performance in living room

The living room is the primary sporting occasion for home. The frescoes in the living room should be stable and atmospheric. Classical decoration is dominated by scenery, characters and flowers. Modern refined decoration can choose modern theme scenery, characters, flowers or abstract paintings. According to the special preferences of the owner, you can also choose some paintings with extraordinary themes, such as pet-loving partners can do some animal-themed murals; sports-loving partners can do some activity-themed murals; and literature-loving partners can do some murals with calligraphy, music and dance-related themes.

2. Performance of Hand-painted Wall in Bedroom

Bedroom is a hotbed of good dreams and fantasies, and a catalyst for grafting reality and dreams. As a mural in the bedroom, of course, it needs to show the consistency of "lying" mood and aesthetic feeling. Through the mural color, shape, image and artistic disposal, three-dimensional display of smooth, relaxed, intimate mood. The bedroom murals should highlight the warm and romantic atmosphere. Characters, human bodies, flowers and plants are all good subjects. Of course, you can also show your portrait and wedding photos in the bedroom by hand-painted wall.

3. Restaurant hand-painted wall performance

Restaurant is a dining occasion, it must show a kind of "want to rest and eat", "meaning is not exhausted" atmosphere, so it is best to invent a comfortable and pleasant dining situation. Therefore, in the mural color and graphics
Should be fresh, soft, comfortable, novel, the picture can seduce people's appetite.Buy Cheap Extra Large Abstract Painting Canvas Wall Art for Living Room. https://www.extralargecanvas.com

 Banksy Red Balloon Girl Graffiti Wall Art
Banksy Red Balloon Girl Graffiti Wall Art

Propylene pigments use the same color as advertisements and are also blended with water. But not thick. Compared with oil paints, propylene pigments have the following characteristics:

1. Water alkene can be released to facilitate cleaning.
2. Quick drying. Pigments can be dried in a few minutes after brushing, without having to wait a few months for polishing like oil paintings. Painters who like slow-drying pigments can use retardants to delay the drying time of pigments.
3. When the dye layer dries, it quickly loses its solubility and forms a tough, elastic impermeable film. The film is similar to rubber.
4. The color is full, thick and fresh. No matter how it is harmonized, it will not feel dirty or grey. There will never be oil absorption and fouling in the shading layer.
5. The durability of the work is longer. The oil film in the oil painting is easy to oxidize for a long time, and it becomes yellow and hard to make the picture crack. Acrylic film from theory will never brittle, and will never turn yellow.
6. The biggest difference between acrylic pigments and oil paints is that they have the operation characteristics of general water-based pigments, which can be used as watercolor and water powder.
7. Propene plastic ointment contains granule type, and there are coarse particles and fine particles, which provides convenience for the production of muscle.
8. Acrylic pigments are non-toxic and do no harm to the human body.

It should be noted that propylene painting should be painted on the base of propylene primer paint (GESSO), not on the oil base. Material experts also do not advocate mixing propylene with oil paintings, especially not painting on the propylene base, which is mainly for the permanent preservation of works. There are no adverse reactions between propylene and oil paints. When used alternately, the adhesion of propylene to oil paints needs to be tested by time.Handmade Large Abstract Painting On Canvas for Sale Online Free Shipping, https://www.abstract-canvas.com/ Custom Big Abstract Wall Art, Extra Large Abstract Canvas Painting Art for your home.


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