Right tool for acrylic abstract painting for beginners

For beginners, you will especially feel overwhelmed when strolling in the aisle of your favorite art shop or browsing all the amazing artworks on the Internet. The choices seem to be endless, and you are not sure where to start. This is how I felt when I was new to novices. I choose things based on what I think the artist uses rather than how the item is actually used. After a lot of trial and error, I found supplies that provided the desired results, and I was able to start drawing exercises that are helped me take my art to a new level.

In order to save you time and money for discovering just what you need, I have compiled a list of items that I think are essential for beginners. Think of it as your starter drawing starter pack. I want to say that there are as many necessities as artists, so I think the best art supplies for beginners may not be recommended by other artists. But I think that with these supplies, you can start working with confidence and always have the right tools to complete the right work, which is equal to success!

Sketchbooks are probably one of the most important tools an artist has. Drawing regularly is the only way to get better, so it is very important to develop sketching habit.

Drawing pencil
Indeed, when we learn to write, you can use draw with the classic #2 pencil we all used in school. However, if you want your drawing to look more realistic or like the nuances of the professional drawing you like, you need to use a professional-grade drawing pencil. These pencils have different lead hardness. Why is it so important? Because the harder the lead, the lighter the mark. Conversely, the softer the wire, the deeper the mark. When you use shading to develop volume and size, or when you want to add fine detail to your graphics, using the correct leader will make all the difference.

An eraser is a versatile tool that artists can use instead of just removing unwanted lines. You can use one of them to create a sparkling highlight, or you can lighten the area for making subtle shifts in values.

Inkonic Pen
Now that you have a pencil, a sketchbook, an eraser, and a sharpener, it’s time to discuss alternative drawing tools. I like to paint with a fineliner pen. Whether I draw the initial shape with a pencil, then traverse it with ink, or create it with ink from start to finish, I will find that adding it as an element can make the work more interesting.

Colored pencils
Drawing with colored pencils is very interesting. Not only are they excellent drafting tools, but they can also use color to enhance your drawing, thereby gaining additional satisfaction. By layering colors,  you can build up the intensity of a color or darken it to a shade that will add just the right amount of contrast. It doesn’t take long to get addicted to using them so I suggest you get a set with a lot of colors to start with.

As you practice more and more, the need to work with color will grow stronger. When I first started out, I found that the fastest way to start adding colors was by use markers. They give me the control of the pen, but the flow of ink feels like I am drawing.

Once your drawing skills have been fine-tuned, the next step is drawing. Now, you really want to be an artist, and you will want to try other media to find the media that best suits your style. I recommend starting with a pre-packaged paint set first. Since most packages come with all the basic colors you need, they don’t need to decide what to buy. It is best to start with water-based paints, such as acrylic, as they are easy to mix, clean, and transport, and can be used in a variety of technologies.

Pad or canvas
Before you start large canvas painting, choosing which surface to paint on will be your next decision. The most important thing to remember when choosing between pads or canvas is the media to use.

Choosing which brush to use is another place beginning artists get bogged down. I believe it is best to start with just a few brushes and add them at will. The more you paint, the more you can feel what a particular size and shape of brush can do.

Disposable palette
Therefore, this is one of my favorite artworks-disposable palettes. Over the years, I worked another job and painting at night after work. Due to limited time, I really hate having to shorten the drawing time to clean the palette before going to bed. When I discovered disposable palettes it was game-changing! I could get a full session in and all I had to do to clean up was rip the palette off the pad and throw it away. My workspace was instantly clean and ready for me to start the next night. I highly recommend these!


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